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Company CONSUMAT OU was founded in 1996 and provides services in the territory of Estonia.

From the very beginning the company works with clients in the region of Ida-Virumaa and provides services in the design, construction, installation, commissioning, upgrading, repair, maintenance of water, heating, sewer lines and systems.

POLICY RETURN association «CONSUMAT» in EMS is to provide control over potentially hazardous to the environment from the processes of the company and management, as well as the use of modern technology allows to save energy resources.

Basic principles of our work:

  • Improving professional training of personnel in the most environmentally hazardous work
  • Preventing the occurrence of various incidents
  • Working with Textiles, equipment and technology to ensure conservation of energy resources
  • Implementation of all the rules, laws, regulations and standards required by the state in whose territory the works
  • Regular assessment and identification of environmental aspects, the analysis of the environmental impacts, incidents and non-conformities
  • Correcting for immediate / corrective actions
  • Clearly defined job descriptions and the most important environmental aspects
  • Development and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of environmental management, including process improvement and EMS implementation purposes;
  • Each employee of the Company knows their role and is directly involved in the implementation of policies in environmental management.

Responsible for the overall management, comprehensive support and implementation of policies in the company's senior management takes over.

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